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La Manche Singles


Every matchmaking service and online dating app sells stories of hope. Hope for new friendships, hope for memorable experiences, hope for life-changing love.

But usually, it just feels like you’re getting your hopes up. We tried so many different dating methods and platforms, but they all had the same problems: fake profiles, unserious matches, and judgmental rejections.

When our founding team got together and started talking, we realized that hope is easy to promise, but what we truly need is help.

Self-love and personal growth come first! LAMANCHE Singles provides social-emotional education and expert coaching to transform your mindset. Learn how to embrace your authentic self and feel better in your own skin.

Dating with dignity

Our lives are becoming increasingly isolated, and rates of chronic illness are on the rise. You deserve to meet a supportive and compassionate partner who can help you live life to the fullest, even with flare-ups.

Whether you live with chronic illness or you’re working to prevent it, wellness is a lifelong journey with sharing.

true belonging

LAMANCHE Singles is open to everyone, and we encourage you to come as you are. Remember, illness doesn’t define you, and limitations cannot stop you.

Transform shame and stigma into strength.

Overcome dissatisfaction with a journey of discovery.

Work on yourself and get ready to meet the right person.

LM Foundation and Legacy Fund

Love makes the most powerful impact, and it shapes our vision of philanthropy. Mother Earth is one of the oldest examples of love, and we’re passionate about protecting nature in all its forms.

Lamanche is proud to support a wide range of natural conservation funds that positively impact the world, including Lyme disease research, humane animal shelters, at-risk habitat preservation, organic farming, nutritious food access for children, and pollinator projects to save the bees.

A note from our founder

“Online dating is tricky, but trying to date while battling an illness is even more challenging. There are days when I can’t get out of bed; how will I explain this to my prospective date? At one point, I started thinking it would be really nice to have a platform where people would feel comfortable talking about their health status. So, LAMANCHE was born, first as a wellness community and eventually as a dating/friendship platform. 

We are not just a dating website; we are a community that genuinely cares about your happiness and emotional well-being. Since a partner can either support your authenticity and nourish your daily life or do just the opposite, choosing the right one for you is what truly matters.”

With love,


From Lyme to love

Discover Liya’s long healing journey to recovery from Lyme disease and how it shaped her perception of relationships and love.